Custom Field editor button in Experience editor Sitecore 8.X

The experience editor is a wonderful tool that helps the authors to create content fast and effective.

Though, sometimes you stumble across a scenario where you want a certain type of function available to your authors directly in the experience editor, but that function isn’t something that exists out of the box.

This, would be one scenario you could make your own Custom button in the Experience editor. There are two types of custom buttons. There is one for the ribbon (I will make a post about this in the future) and one for the Field editor (this is the one i’ll be going over now).

First, you will switch to your CORE database. Navigate to Custom Experience Buttons (sitecore/content/Applications/WebEdit/Custom Experience Buttons).

See Item path. Remember this is on the Core db.


Now create an item in this folder(or subfolder), based on the template:
“Field Editor Button” (/System/WebEdit/Field Editor Button).

The Field Editor Button has 4 default fields you are to fill in:


Header: Showed in the Experience editor option for the rendering.
Icon: Choose an icon to be seen on the field editor ribbon
Fields: This is the tricky part. You must choose the fields you want to show when you click this button. If more than one field you separate them by a pipe. These fields must be in your item template or the dialog will be empty. Think like, what the rendering is supposed to present.
Tooltip: The text when hovering over the button


Now switch back to the Master database and find your sublayout or rendering.
Under Editor Options section you find an Experience Editor Buttons field. Add your custom button and you will now find your button when clicking the rendering in Experience editor.

Experience editor button.png

Field editor custom button.png

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